SMITH & NEPHEW: 7181-0500 Open Package

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Implant and Instrument Set
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Manufacturer SMITH & NEPHEW
Includes Hohmann retractor, reduction forceps with points, reduction forceps with serrated jaw, drill guide, 2.7 mm neutral/2.7 mm compression drill guide, neutral slot drill guide, drill guide insert, 2 mm K-wire locking guide, screw depth gauge, 3.5 mm short screw depth gauge, 4 mm cannulated direct measuring device, T15 self-retaining screwdriver shaft, T20 self-retaining screwdriver shaft, T20 self retaining screwdriver, cannulated hexdriver shaft, 2.5 mm hexdriver shaft with quick connect, 3.5 mm hexdriver shaft with quick connect, T20 removal screwdriver Shaft, T15 removal screwdriver shaft, small T-handle, quick coupling, tear drop screwdriver handle, large screwdriver handle, holding sleeve, sharp hook, screw forceps, wire bending pliers, reverse verbrugge, curved periosteal elevator, small fragment countersink, cannulated AO to trinkle adapter, 2 Nm torque limiter adapter, small fragment bending irons